Planet Friendly Policies

A green procurement policy (GPP) is in place to guide us when acquiring materials and supplies for our products. We will always source items that have a low environmental impact and are more sustainable in terms of the materials they are made from and the sourcing and manufacturing practices that make them.

Our supply partners for our papers, inks, boards, and packaging all have progressive environmental and sustainability policies too.

The waste created in our production process is minimal and 100% recycled.


Papers & Mount Board

All base papers and boards are from renewable sources or recycled waste and are FSC Certified wherever possible. Our mountboards and papers are fully recyclable and compostable and contain no metallic pigments or plastic.



The truth is that there is no commercial ink available today that is 100% free of non-renewable resources or chemicals. 

But we have come a long way. Once upon a time all inks had petroleum-based carriers and were referred to as "solvent-based inks." When solvent dries, it releases volatile organic compounds in the air, which leads to poor air quality and adverse health effects for print workers. Our water based inks contain far fewer nasties. There are pigments (which give the ink its color), additives (which improve performance, drying time, resistance to smudging, etc), and carriers (the vehicle that transfers the ink onto the paper and then dries off leaving only the pigment and additive behind). We also buy our inks in bulk form which reduces the need for non eco friendly cartridges.

However, improvements are being made all of the time and we will be at the front of the queue the day those fully eco friendly inks arrive!


Packaging Boxes

Packaging is essential to protect our products during transport, storage and delivery.  Our postal boxes are 100% recyclable. On average our boxes are made from a minimum of 75% recycled fibres.


Cellophane Bags

A sad necessity for the protection of our delicate prints during transportation which doesn’t please us however they are 100% recyclable.


Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper is FSC or Forest Stewardship Council certified. Meaning that the paper products that make up our printed tissue paper are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably.



All journeys associated with the business including waste recycling are performed at off peak times using a Hybrid petrol/electric vehicle.