Displaying your artwork

All of our artwork is supplied on white acid free, sustainable backing board. This means it is easier to handle and is much easier to frame or ready for free standing display if you prefer.

All Musée artwork is resized to work perfectly with International ‘A’ paper sizes. You'll probably already be familiar with standard A4 printer paper, so it's pretty easy to scale up from this common starting size. Each paper size in the 'A' series is exactly half the size of the one above, so for example A4 is exactly half the size of A3 and A3 is exactly half the size of A2.

All you need to do is use a frame in these sizes and your artwork will fit perfectly.

See our range of Hand Painted Solid Wood Frames below..

Hand Painted Frame Information

Free Standing Display

Display your print right out of the box, each one is ready to stand on your shelf or mantle.

Frame Ready

All you need to do is buy exactly the same ‘A’ size frame as the print you buy.