Musée No:737.156

Musée No:737.156

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The Members of a Corinthian Temple in Ruins at Ephesus, probably that of Hadrian

Artist: Giovanni Battista Borra

Date: ca. 1750

Giovanni Battista Borra (1713 - 1770) was an Italian architect, engineer and architectural draughtsman. A native of Piedmont in Italy his reputation was founded on his transformation of the baroque Castle di Racconigi into a neo classical summer residence between 1756-1760. The owner of the castle Prince Luigi Vittorio of Savoy Carigano was avant garde in his taste and preferred this to the more common baroque French rococo styles of the Savoy region. He won the commission despite having done virtually no other work in Italy because of the excellent reputation he had built up in Britain – he worked as an architectural draftsman for British scholars and archaeologists abroad, including the important archaeological expedition to the Levant with Robert Wood in 1750-51. These works and their images led to motifs from Baalbek and Palmyra becoming fashionable for ceiling and interior decorations in England and Italy.

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